Frequently Asked Questions

What's your most popular zoap?

Our most popular Zoap (soap) is the one you choose! Seriously. It's important to choose a zoap that resonates with you.

What's so special about your zoaps?

All products contain only the highest quality, naturally therapeutic essential oils that are food-grade. All of our products are people/earth friendly, and are never tested on animals. Most importantly; all of our products contain joy!

What's is saponification?

Saponification is the process of making zoap where a catalyst is used to allow the oil and water to form a solid. The basic need of zoap is to clean the body. The scents of the zoaps are designed to balance emotion, inviting you to balance emotion, both physical and mental.

What's different about pure essential oils?

Essential oils are derived from nature. With the pure essential oil blends, the breath deepens and flashes the moment to you. This natural awareness creates a meditation that expands your feeling of connectivity. When authentic listening happens from within you, energy increases and you’re inspired from the inside out!

What currency is used on your site?

All prices are listed in Canadian dollars.

More questions to come!